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Select the correct answers (1): Billing simulation must be carried out before billing. The connection object is always a building. Individual devices are installed in the connection object. Invoicing is only carried out after billing.
Select the correct answers (2): The Connection Object can comprise of one or more premise. Devices are based directly on a basic device category. Move in connects the contracts of a business partner to the installations of a premise. Only one invoice is ever generated for all contracts of the contract account. .
Select the correct answers (1): The installation contains the move-in date. The installation groups together the measuring devices of a division and a premise for the purpose of joint billing. After billing, the billable orders are produced. A contract account can be assigned to several business partners.
Select the correct answers (2) Validations are always carried out for meter readings. Move In is a work flow process. The dunning procedure is carried out using the same procedure for all the contract accounts. Device Category is managed in the MM component.
Two different types of work orders are: Internal and External work orders Customer orders and Maintenance orders Metering Reading Orders and Service Orders .
Select the correct answers (2): The connection object is equivalent to a piece of equipment in the Plant Maintenance (PM) The premise is managed as a functional location in the PM Device location is the highest level in the functional location hierarchy in PM. During a Move-in, a business partner and his/her contract accounts and contracts must  already exist in the system. The device is managed in the Plant Maintenance component as a piece of equipment. The device location is subordinate to the connection object.
Select the correct answers (3): Only devices of the same division can be installed in a device location. Device location is managed as a functional location in PM. Device category groups together similar devices. The invoice generates the print documents. If meter reading results are not available, the meter reading unit cannot be billed.
EASIBI transaction is execute successively but the are no posting to FICA. When can this happen? (2 answers are correct) a) the print document is outsorted b) the meter reading is implausible c) the processing option was set to billing.
AL31 T-CODE: Monitoring meter readings: for which master data you can see meter reading result with the following options: a) Contract account b) Contract c) Premise d) Tehnical installation.
In Account Balance Display (FPL9), what are the options possible? (Multiple answers are correct) a. Display installation b. Display returns history c. Change Contract d. Mass Change e. Create budget billing plan.
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