Linux test - part2

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Linux test - part2

System administration

Dusan Lovecky
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What is the configuration file for the init program? /etc/init.conf /etc/inittab /etc/default.
Which command will give you a history of recent logins? last who login.
What command would inform you about memory statistics, processes and cpu activity? memstat vmstat procstat.
Which command tell you what the partitions are actually mounted into file system? mount fstab mtab.
Which commands can you use to change file access rights? chown chmod chattr.
Which command displays information about of the active processes ? ps proc who.
Which command tells you statistics devices and partitions? load devstat iostat.
What kind of file is it? brw-rw---- 1 root disk 1,1 Mar 8 07:34 /dev/hda1 symbolic link character device file block device file.
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