Linux test - part3

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Linux test - part3

File and text manipulation

Dusan Lovecky
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What command would you use to create an empty file without opening it to edit it? create [filename] touch [filename] mkfile [filename].
What command would be best if you will looking for specific text within a file(s)? sed grep awk.
What should you type to send the last 20 lines of a text file to STDIN? last –n 20 [filename] end -20 [filename] tail -20 [filename].
Which commands can you use to list all files in current directory? ls -al dir -v list -all.
The command output can be sent to files using what special symbol? | > &.
What character would you use to negate a range of characters in a regular expression? % ^ !.
What command would you use to find all files under the current directory whose owner is not root? find ./ -type f ! -user root find ./ -type f ! -owner root find ./ -not -type f -user root.
What command is the best for determine file type or contents? wich type file.
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