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Physical layer accepts ---------from the data link layer and encodes it in series of ------------ that are transmitted to local media.
What are the three basic forms of network media?.
What are the areas of physical layer standards defined by technologies of standard organization?.
What are the fundamental functions of physical layers?.
Routers can have both LAn and WAN interfaces? True False.
Depending upon the --------------- of the router there could be multiple interfaces types for LAN and wan cabling Series or model number of routers number of networks.
Hubs are preferred over switches to interconnect LAN devices. True False.
Switches are more expensive than hubs. What are the two factors that makes switches cost effective Enhanced performance reliabilty easier to install Multiple interfaces on router as compared to switches.
What are the various device selctting factors: cost ports speed expandable/Modular manageable .
Which of the following devices will not be connected by the crossover cable. Compute to router ethernet port Computer to computer Computer to switch Siwtch to hub Router to switch.
What is the full form of DTE?.
End of user's device on wan link DTE DCE.
Which of the following are charactersticks of DCE? END of the WAn provider's side of communication facility. Responsible for providing clocking signal End of user's devices on the WAN link All of the options mentioned.
Give the reasons to divide network into subnets?.
Name all the interfaces at router's back panel?.
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