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Dynpro can be placed in which program types? 3 Executables Module pools Function groups Class pools.
Which ABAP statement can make an element visible that you statically defined as invisible? SCREEN-INVISIBLE = 1 SCREEN-ACTIVE = 1 SCREEN-INVISIBLE = 0 SCREEN-ACTIVE = 0.
When should you use a hashed internal table? 2 When accessing mainly single records When accessing by secondary key When accessing using the left-justified part of the key When accessing always by primary key When accessing by index.
When included in a structure, which elementary field types allow the structure to be considered a character-type data object? 4 C D F I N STRING T X XSTRING.
You want to check the user input in the field FIELD_NAME on a classical screen. If an incorrect value is entered, the user should be able to correct the field value. How do you call the module CHECK_MODULE in the PAI of the screen to accomplish this? FIELD field_name MODULE check_module. FIELD field_name MODULE check_module MESSAGE Ennn. CHAIN. MODULE check_module FIELD field_name. ENDCHAIN. MODULE check_module ON ERROR.
When analyzing a program, which tasks can you perform using the code inspector? 3 Discover unused variables Execute the extended program check Determine used database tables. Inspect the memory consumption Evaluate the time needed for program execution.
Which of the following statements dynamically changes the data type of field z1? Assign z1 to <fs> casting Assign z1 to <fs> Move z1 to <fs> Unassign <fs>.
When you define local classes in ABAP, which syntactical sequence must you follow? PUBLIC SECTION, PROTECTED SECTION, PRIVATE SECTION PRIVATE SECTION, PROTECTED SECTION, PUBLIC SECTION The order doesn't matter. The order is handled automatically.
What does Software Layer Aware Debugging allow you to do? 3 Trace executing code Debug only a small portion of code Debug a large portion of code Bypass authorization objects Specify as much or as little code to debug.
Which boundary conditions lead to improved access time to an internal table? 3 Left justified part of key for sorted tables Fully qualified key for sorted tables Index access for hashed tables Left justified part of key for hashed tables Index access for standard tables.
Which controller types can exist within a Web Dynpro component? 3 Window controller User controller Application controller View controller Component controller.
If you are using external debugging (debugging of HTTP and RFC requests, which arrive in your ABAP system), what will the Debugger do? Always stop when the external breakpoint is reached. Never stop; external breakpoints operate on users other than your own. May or may not stop, depending on external factors. Do not stop when the external breakpoint is reached.
What does a non-exclusive debugging mode mean? 4 A roll-out is forced in the application after each Debugger view. Someone else is debugging the same source code. Debugging is not possible between the statements SELECT and ENDSELECT because the database cursor needs to be closed using a COMMIT. Debugging is not possible for conversion or field exits. Owing to the commit, inconsistent datasets can occur in the database. It may be used anywhere in the landscape.
How do you add fields to an SAP-delivered transparent table without modification? Use the database utility to enhance the definition on the database directly. Add the new fields to the table definition Create an append structure containing the new fields Define a structure containing the new fields and include it in the table definition.
What does a Web Dynpro component contain? 3 Multiple views within a window UI elements Component controller A context Exactly one interface controller .
Which statements are considered obsolete and cannot be used in ABAP Objects? TABLES DATA ... TYPE ... OCCURS DATA ... BEGIN OF ... OCCURS INFOTYPES RANGES LEAVE ON CHANGE OF SEARCH LOOP AT dbtab All of the Above.
Which of the following can you do with the ABAP debugger? 3 Compare data objects Change source code Analyze memory usage Analyze SQL traces Analyze internal tables.
Which of the following statements can you use to setup checkpoints in an ABAP program? 3 BREAK POINT ASSERT BREAK CHECK LOG-POINT.
What do global types and local types have in common? Documentation Field labels Search help Technical information.
Which does the field catalog allow you to do? 3 Add a field to the display Specify the sort order of the display table Produce a striped pattern for the display lines Change the title of a column Change the display order of a column.
What is the difference between SAP Basis and SAP NetWeaver? There is no difference; the name change was driven by marketing alone. All versions of SAP NetWeaver require the use of Unicode All versions of SAP NetWeaver include the ability to handle HTTP requests. All versions of SAP NetWeaver require the use of UTF-8.
Which of the following are true statements? 3 Table fields can be assigned to a data element Table fields can be assigned to an ABAP Dictionary data type directly Search helps can be defined for a table field that is assigned to a predefined data type A reference table and field are required for fields with the data types QUAN and CURR.
When does the lifetime of a Web Dynpro component begin and end? It begins when instantiated and it ends when the program ends or the object is freed. It begins the first time it is called at runtime, and it ends with the Web Dynpro application that called and instantiated the component ends. It begins each time it is called, and it ends when the component completes. It ends each time it is called, and it ends when the component completes.
What is unique about a functional method? 5 It must contain a returning parameter. It can contain an importing parameter. It can contain an exporting parameter. It can contain a changing parameter. It can be used in logical expressions. It can be used in SELECT statements. It must be a singleton.
When starting the Debugger, what circumstance causes the runtime error DEBUGGING_NOT_POSSIBLE? Starting a non-exclusive mode in a productive system When more than five sessions are already associated with this login user When the number of debugging sessions on the server exceeds the value defined by the profile parameter rdisp/wpdbug_max_no When more than six sessions are already associated with this login user.
When you add programming logic to your ABAP program that checks authorizations,which of the following do you have to create? 2 An authorization object An authorization profile An authorization Access An authorization role.
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