Revit Assessment

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Revit Assessment

In-house assessment of Revit user level

Jeremy Robinson
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Select the true statements. In-place families can be converted or changed into an component family In-place families are good when you are not moving, rotating or copying the object You can create voids in In-place families You can copy and move and in-place family within the project.
What is the process of loading geometry from one family into another family called? Linking Inserting Nesting Pasting.
What dialog box do you use to edit the depth of a view Visability/Graphics overrides View Range Colour Scheme Graphic Display Option.
What is NOT a type of constraint Alignment Pinning Padlock Temporary.
Legends can be placed only on one sheet True False.
You can paste text from Microsoft Word into a text object True False.
Can an objects workset assignment be changed from the properties palette? Yes No.
Select the best method to create a component that will need to be adjustable In-Place Family Component Family.
Match the command with the keyboard shortcuts Zoom Extents Hide Element Visability/Graphics Aligned Dimension Tile Windows.
Projects will progress through various stages during design. Select the method for allows us to graphically display this progress Phasing Design Options Worksharing Grouping.
During a refurbishment project using the demolish tool to indicate geometries phase from existing to new construction is used. What tab would you find this tool Modify View Manage Architecture.
Revit provides a set of tools for developing multiple design intentions in the context of one project. These tools are called? Design Options Phasing Model Groups Worksets.
Select the FOUR types of walls you can create Basic Walls Stacked Walls Curtain Walls In-place Walls Complex Walls.
Match the steps with the action to create a new wall Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Step 6.
Walls are System families True False.
Which TWO are 3D view types? Perspective Hidden Orthographic Shaded.
Which THREE are dimension styles Aligned Liner Orthographic Radial Temporary.
Detail views are created with the callout tool True False.
What THREE elements define the boundaries of a room Ceiling Stairs Roof Wall Floor Column.
Name the ONE of the three detail levels used in Revit.
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