SAP FI Part 1

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SAP FI Part 1

SAP FI Part 1

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In the chart of accounts segment, it is necessary to indicate whether the account will be a balance sheet or a profit+loss account statement account True False.
For P+L statement accounts, the balance is carried forward to the same account True False.
Number intervals for G/L account master records can overlap True False.
It is not possible to influence the appearance of an account's master data True False.
The "Only balances in local currency" indicator must not be set in reconciliation accounts for customer or vendors True False.
What is the purpose of the terms of payment(Please choose the correct sentence)? Calculate a cash discount and invoice due date Calculate the tax amounts Enable the cross company code transactions Define the baseline date Calculate only the required conditions for the SD invoices.
SAP supports tax on sales and purchases,US sales tax, additional taxes and witholding tax as tax systems for different countries True False.
Only national level of taxation is allowed in the R/3 System True False.
A tax calculation procedure is assigned to every company code for carrying out tax calcualtions True False.
A jurisdiction code is a combination of the codes of tax authorities that tax movements of goods and use their own tax rates True False.
If you desire to post manual tax postings, you have to flag the "Post automatically Only" field for accounts master records True False.
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