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ASAP Implementation roadmap provides a work breakdown structure that can be used to plan and track the tasks of implementation T F.
ASAP Implementation roadmap is a project management tool T F.
Main elements of Implementation roadmap Roadmap Structure Viewing area Text area Attachment area Acceralator area.
Road map structure gives the project team a list of what to do when to do roles for each member of the team.
View and text area of implementation roadmap provide procedural guides prequisite information roles of team member deliverables.
attachements area of implementation roadmap provide accelerators issues supplemental documentation tracking the status of roadmap structure.
Business blueprint structure Implementation roadmap is developed through the business process workshop T F.
The content acquired from the business blueprint is found in.
process involved in Business blueprint stage of implementation roadmap Business process repository business scenario business process group associated items.
All information and requirements for a project is gathered,recorded which are associated with a structure item is called.
The Business_________is first defined and then supporting business____are chosed from business ______ based on business _____.
The purpose of configuration transaction is to use business blueprint structure to configure IMG Objects in development systems T F.
components of configuration transaction Project documentation Transaction assignments Configuration of IMG Objects Development items Test cases Graphics Training materials.
using the blueprint document generated in business blueprint phase,the project team will go into configuration transaction in SAP Solution manager to customize the system T F.
associated item scenario of implementation road map provide documentation,administration tracking,IMG Objects to be configured test cases and team members assigned.
crucial part of realisation phase is the ability to test the functionality of the solution built T F.
Functionality of test work bench of realisation phase test organizer automated testing tools third party testing tools.
benefits of testing feature reduce time for test preperation single point access to complete system landscape central storage of testing materials and results re- use of existing materials.
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