Taw12 740

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Taw12 740

SAP Certified Development Associate- ABAP with SAP NetWeaver 7.40

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Which of the following tools belong to the ABAP Workbench? (Choose three) Form Builder Function Builder Screen Painter Class Builder Easy Access Menu.
To which of the following must you assign newly created SAP repository objects? (Choose one) Transport task Transport request Package Function group.
Which statement ends a screen sequence and starts from the initial screen? (Choose one) LEAVE TO SCREEN 0 LEAVE SCREEN CALL SCREEN SET SCREEN 0.
A custom transparent table was created with delivery class A and a table maintenance view was generated for this table. You change the delivery class to C and the table is activated successfully. What additional steps do you have to complete? (Choose one) Maintain and transport the table using the Maintain Table Views transaction (SM30). Activate and adjust the database. Regenerate the existing maintenance view and adjust the table. Delete the original maintenance view and then create and generate a new one.
What features are provided by the database interface? (Choose three) Database independence of application programs Conversion of Open SQL statements from ABAP statements into the corresponding database statements Syntax check of Native SQL commands Access to SAP table buffers Data consistency check using foreign key relationships.
Which of the following can you define in the technical settings of a transparent table? (Choose three) Size category Table name Data class Buffering type Delivery class.
What options do you have when setting a watchpoint? (Choose two) Stop at predefined conditions for a specific variable. Stop at predefined conditions for all variables. Stop at any change of all variables. Stop at any change of a specific variable.
What happens when an authorization check fails? (Choose one) The program is terminated. The system field SY-SUBRC is set to a value other than zero. A type E message is displayed. A CX_AUTH_FAILED type exception is raised.
Which of the following ABAP statements throws an error an the syntax check? (Choose One) DATA variable(5) TYPE t. DATA variable(5) TYPE p. DATA variable(5) TYPE n. DATA variable.
You want to translate text in a Web Dynpro. From which should you inherit? (Choose one) CL_WD_COMPONENT_SERVICES CL_WD_COMPONENT_ASSISTANCE CL_WD_CONFIGURATION_MODEL CL_WD_CONTEXT_SERVICES.
Which action on the underlying dictionary object triggers a database table conversion? (Choose two) Reducing the size of a field Inserting an append structure Inserting a field of type reference Changing the order of non-key fields.
Which parameter types can be used in the signature of a functional method? (Choose two) EXPORTING IMPORTING RETURNING CHANGING.
What is the predefined reference variable used in ABAP OO to address the object itself? (Choose one) ME SUPER THIS SELF.
Which objects can share data through context mapping? (Choose one) View controller and another view controller Component controllers and view controllers Custom controllers and transparent tables Global classes and component controllers.
You add the CREATE PROTECTED addition to a class definition. From where can you instantiate the class? (Choose three) From the class itself From a parent class From any protected class From a child class From a friend class.
What can you enhance using BAdIs? (Choose three) Data elements Menus Screens Database tables Source code.
How would you defined a method of an ABAP class to prevent this method from being available in subclass? (Choose one) Final Abstract Protected Private.
When does SAP recommend that you use a full buffering type for a database table? (Choose one) When the table is very large and frequently written When the table is very small and frequently written When the table is very large and seldom written When the table is very small and seldom written.
In which database table type is there a one-to-one relationship between the Dictionary table definition and the relevant physical table in the database? (Choose one) Cluster table Pooled table Transparent table Internal table.
Which of the following are key capabilities of SAP NetWeaver? (Choose three) Supply Chain Management Information Integration People Integration Application Platform Enterprise Resource Planning.
You want to create a transparent table. Which of the following must you define to activate the table? (Choose three) A delivery class A foreign key The primary key The MANDT field A short description.
table A and table B are partially buffered. Which of the following SELECT statements always access tha database? (Choose two) SELECT SINGLE CLIENT SPECIFIELD a b FROM table A INTO CORRESPONDING FIELDS OF Is_A_B SELECT a b e d FROM table A JOIN table B ON table A~a = table B~e INTO CORRESPONDING FIELDS OF TABLE It_A_B SELECT SINGLE FOR UPDATE a b FROM table A INTO CORRESPONDING FIELDS OF Is_A_B WHERE c EQ'1234'. SELECT a b FROM tableA INTO CORRESPONDING FIELDS OF TABLE It_A_B.
Which of the following Data Types are allowed in ABAP? (Choose two) DECFLOAT64 DECFLOAT16 DECFLOAT34 DECFLOAT32.
Where can you define global data types that are visible system-wide? (Choose three) In a method of a global class In the ABAP Dictionary In a function module In a global class In a global interface.
Which of the following steps are required to the set up a shared memory area? (Choose three) Declare a catalog object Enable multiple versions of an area root class Set the root object Generate an area root class Call the attach for white method of the area root class.
What types of changes to the repository does SAP provide? (Choose three) Deployments from SDN.SAP.COM Enhancement Packages SAP Notes Transports Support Packages.
You use Unifield Modeling Language (UML) to design your classes. You want to describe the message exchange between objects. Which diagram type can you use? (Choose one) Class diagram Object diagram Component diagram Sequence diagram.
You want to add a field of type CURR to a transparent table. What else must you do? (Choose one) Create a new field CUKY as a predefined type Add a key field of type CUKY Create a reference to a field of type CUKY Add a check table that contains a field of type CUKY.
You want to display flight data for a specific date in a different view after the users selects a date and presses a button. Which of the following actions must you perform? (Choose two) Edit the handler method in the view controller Add a client-side event in the view Create and link plugs between the views Set the interface property for key fields.
You want a validation routine for a selection screen field if a wrong value is entered into the field an error message should be displayed and the focus should move to the field. Which event do you use to achieve this? (Choose one) START-OF-SELECTION AT-SELECTION-SCREEN END-OF-SELECTION INITIALIZATION.
You want to add a field ZZPRICE to the SAP standard transparent table EKKO. Which of the following actions results in an enhancement of the SAP standard? (Choose two) Create an append structure and add ZZPRICE to it. Add ZZPRINCE to the Customizing include for the table Insert ZZPRINCE into an SAP structure for the table. Insert ZZPRINCE at the and of the table.
You want to create a transparent table in the ABAP dictionary. When is the table physically created in the database? (Choose one) When you activate the table When you run the database utility transaction (SE14) When you insert the table name ans select Create Whe you save the table.
How can you find customer exits in an ABAP program? (Choose two) Search for customer exits in the Repository Information System Search for 'CL_EXITHANDLER' in the program Search for 'CALL_CUSTOMER' in the program Search for customer exits in the program documentation.
Which of the following statement can you use to set up checkpoints in an ABAP program? (Choose three) ASSERT BREAK CHECK BREAK-POINT LOG-POINT.
You have defined a classical screen (dynpro) with mandatory input fields. You want to exit the screen using the Cancel button even if not all of the mandatory fields have been filled. What is necessary to achieve this? (Choose one) Set the function type assigned to the Cancel button to S and handle it in a module with the addition AT EXIT-COMMAND. Assign function type E to the Cancel button and handle it in a module with the addition AT EXIT-COMMAND. Set the function code assigned to the Cancel button to CANCEL and handle it in a module with the addition AT EXIT-COMMAND. Use the LOOP AT SCREEN. ... ENDLOOP statement to set the "required" property of the input fields to zero.
You display the content of an internal table using an ALV Grid Control. The content of the internal table changes during the program. Which CL_GUI_ALV_GRID class method can you use to display the changed content? (Choose one) REFRESH_TABLE_DISPLAY in module PAI REFRESH_TABLE_DISPLAY in module PBO SET_TABLE_FOR_FIRST_DISPALY in module PBO SET_TABLE_ FOR_ FIRST_ DISPALY in module PAI.
Which of the following characters is the first of a menu exit function code? (Choose one) & - + *.
You always want to check the user authorization for data entered in an input field of a selection screen. Where do you do this? (Choose one) In the event block AT SELECTION-SCREEN In the event block AT SELECTION-SCREEN OUTPUT In the event block INITIALIZATION In the event block AT SELECTION-SCREEN on VALUE-REQUEST.
Which of the following structures is created when you use a table type to define one of its components? (Choose one) Deep structure Nested structure Flat structure Append structure.
Which of the following tasks does the BADI implementing class perform? (Choose one) Filtering Sequencing Inserting Deleting.
Which of the following function types in a GUI status are reserved for internal use? (Choose one) S - System E - Exit H - Help request T - Transaction.
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