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What are the 3 types of literals? Numeric literals Variable literals Fixed Literals Text field literals String literals .
A DATA statement defines a local data object in the method if it appears between which statements? FORM ENDFORM METHOD ENDMETHOD FUNCTION ENDFUNCTION MODULE ENDMODULE.
Inline declarations are a way of declaring variables and field symbols at operand positions. True False.
Open SQL statements allow the ABAP programmer uniform access to data, regardless of the DB system installed. True False.
If you use the __ statement, the system terminates the current program and starts the transaction with transaction T_CODE. SUBMIT AND RETURN LEAVE TO TRANSACTION 'T_CODE' CALL TRANSACTION 'T_CODE' .
A saved or buffered LOAD is considered obsolete if the developed version of the program was changed. True False.
The modifiable parts of a program are created in memory in roll areas during every execution. When the program is executed several times by the same user, each execution has its own roll area. Which of the following is an example of modifiable parts of a program? Byte codes for statements Values of constants and literals Program texts Screens definitions Data objects (variables).
Which of the following are true when you activte a new object, for example, a program? An executable binary file is generated The newly created version becomes the current active version The syntax of the object is checked An object is saved .
How many external sessions are possible in SAP Netweaver 7.0 and later? 4 8 16 32.
Which of the following are options for transfering data between programs? Using the interface of the called program ABAP MEMORY SAP MEMORY DB Tables .
When working with internal tables, which statement can also delete the table header if it takes too much space in memory? CLEAR REFRESH FREE.
Shared memory is a memory area on an application server that the abap programs running on that server can access. True False.
When working with shared objects, method __ of area handle is available for application to release the read lock. DETACH_COMMIT OUTDATED DETACH.
Decimal floating-point numbers have a range larger than type F, while calculation accuracy is identical to type P. True False.
In flat structures, offset access is possible even if the fields are not completely character-type (that is, only the first fields are character-type), provided the access does not fo beyond the character-type area. True False.
Which of the following logical operators are available to compare the content of character-type data objects? CO CN CA NA CS NS CP NP.
What type of result is returned by a predicate function A numeric result A character-type result TRUE or FALSE.
which of the following kinds of functions return a character-type result? Descriptive Processing Predicate String.
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