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What are the 3 types of literals? Numeric literals Variable literals Fixed Literals Text field literals String literals .
A DATA statement defines a local data object in the method if it appears between which statements? FORM ENDFORM METHOD ENDMETHOD FUNCTION ENDFUNCTION MODULE ENDMODULE.
Inline declarations are a way of declaring variables and field symbols at operand positions. True False.
Open SQL statements allow the ABAP programmer uniform access to data, regardless of the DB system installed. True False.
If you use the __ statement, the system terminates the current program and starts the transaction with transaction T_CODE. SUBMIT AND RETURN LEAVE TO TRANSACTION 'T_CODE' CALL TRANSACTION 'T_CODE' .
A saved or buffered LOAD is considered obsolete if the developed version of the program was changed. True False.
The modifiable parts of a program are created in memory in roll areas during every execution. When the program is executed several times by the same user, each execution has its own roll area. Which of the following is an example of modifiable parts of a program? Byte codes for statements Values of constants and literals Program texts Screens definitions Data objects (variables).
Which of the following are true when you activte a new object, for example, a program? An executable binary file is generated The newly created version becomes the current active version The syntax of the object is checked An object is saved .
How many external sessions are possible in SAP Netweaver 7.0 and later? 4 8 16 32.
Which of the following are options for transfering data between programs? Using the interface of the called program ABAP MEMORY SAP MEMORY DB Tables .
When working with internal tables, which statement can also delete the table header if it takes too much space in memory? CLEAR REFRESH FREE.
Shared memory is a memory area on an application server that the abap programs running on that server can access. True False.
When working with shared objects, method __ of area handle is available for application to release the read lock. DETACH_COMMIT OUTDATED DETACH.
Decimal floating-point numbers have a range larger than type F, while calculation accuracy is identical to type P. True False.
In flat structures, offset access is possible even if the fields are not completely character-type (that is, only the first fields are character-type), provided the access does not fo beyond the character-type area. True False.
Which of the following logical operators are available to compare the content of character-type data objects? CO CN CA NA CS NS CP NP.
What type of result is returned by a predicate function A numeric result A character-type result TRUE or FALSE.
which of the following kinds of functions return a character-type result? Descriptive Processing Predicate String.
One of the principle uses of regular expressions is the search for substrings in character strings. TRUE FALSE.
In abap, the search of regular expressions is realized using the addition REGEX of which statement? FIND MATCH REPLACE CONTAINS.
The access times for the key access to hashed tables are independent of the table size.face for accessing the table data, such as client dependence, buffering, key fields and so on. true false.
When using the BINARY SEARCH addition in a read on a __ internal table, it is important to sort the data first by the key fields you use to restrict access. STANDARD SORTED HASHED.
Which of the following types of secondary key can be defined for an internal table? Non-unique standard Unique standard Non-unique sorted Non-unique hashed Unique hashed.
What is the maximum number of secondary keys in an internal table? 5 10 15 25.
Which of the following statements is used for defining local structure types? TYPES BEGIN END START.
Which of the following specifications are required in the definition of an internal table? Line type primary key secondary key table kind.
Which of the following is used for adding a row into an internal table? ADD Line INSERT ROW APPEND UPDATE TABLE.
A table expression can be viewed as a short form for a variant of the statement __ that enables access to rows of internal tables in operand positions. LOOP DELETE READ TABLE.
When you use READ TABLE to read a table row of you use __ to read series of table rows, you can assign the rows of the internal table to a field symbol by using the ASSIGNING field_symbol addition. SUM ASSIGN do TO fs_line LOOP AT UNASSIGN fs_line REFERENCE INTO ref_name.
Which of the following are tasks of the ABAP open SQL interface? Translating ABAP Open SQL to native SQL Client handling, including the client in the WHERE condition Managing the SAP table buffer Forwarding static native SQL statements to the database of an AS ABAP.
If the buffering type Generic buffering is chosen for a table in the ABAP dictionary, the generic data, which consists of the first n key fields of the table, must be defined. TRUE FALSE.
The single record buffer is only read if the __ statement is used. UPDATE ONE SELECT SINGLE SELECT SOLO CREATE ONLY.
During the buffer synchronization process, to determine whether data in buffered table has been changed, table __ is read. TCURR DDLOG DD01L DD30L.
If the field list in a SELECT statement contains only aggregate expressions, the result will consist of which of the following? A single line Multiple lines Either single or multiple lines.
Two prerequesites of using the ORDER BY PRIMARY KEY addition to a select statement are that the FROM clause must contain a single database table (no views or joins) and that the field list after SELECT must contain all key fields. true false.
When reading data from the database using cursors, the __ statement defines and executes the access, but does not pass any data on to the application program. FETCH OPEN CURSOR FETCH NEXT.
The __ operator is used in the where clause of a select statement when you want to compare the data with a single list of values LIKE IN BETWEEN IS.
Specifying the entire structure of a data object after the CORRESPONDING FIELDS OF addition is a more robust alternative than specifying individual structure components. TRUE FALSE.
When you process multiline result sets, you should read them into an internal table (array fetch) TRUE FALSE.
Which of the following operators are used in arithmetic expressions? + - * /.
What is the name for the process by which secondary tables are accessed in a loop over the records from a primary table? Nested SELECT Looped SELECT Iterative SELECT Repeat SELECT.
__ corresponds to the result set that only considers the records from the outer table for which suitable data records exist in the inner table. LEFT OUTER JOIN INNER JOIN OUTER JOIN.
A SELECT statement with a subquery has a more restricted syntax than a SELECT statement without a subquery. TRUE FALSE.
Which of the following techniques in a SELECT statement should be used when you want to create a join between an internal table and a database table? SELECT with FOR ALL ENTRIES SELECT with INNER JOIN SELECT with OUTER JOIN SELECT with READ TABLE.
To read large data volumes, you should use __ only in exceptional cases. SELECT SELECT SINGLE FOR ALL ENTRIES.
Which of the following clauses of SELECT statement can be supplied dynamically using a data object? FROM clause WHERE clause INTO clause the field list.
ABAP enables you to call function modules dynamically. To dynamically assign the actual parameters to the formal parameters in function module calls, we can use the PARAMETER-TABLE statement. True False.
Which of the following statements creates a program that is saved permanently in the repository? INSERT REPORT SUBMIT GENERATE SUBROUTINE POOL CREATE DATA.
Which of the following kinds of internal table is the generic type INDEX TABLE compatible with? Standard Sorted Hashed.
Field symbols are pointers that you can assign to data objects dynamically at runtime. True False.
If a field symbol is assigned to a data object, all accesses you make to the field symbol are made directly to that data object. True False.
What is the variant of the ASSIGN statement that provides access to structure components dynamically? ASSIGN COMPONENT ... TO STRUCTURE ... ASSIGN COMPONENT ... OF STRUCTURE ... ASSIGN COMPONENT ... WITH STRUCTURE ... ASSIGN COMPONENT ... IN STRUCTURE ...
When you assign values between two reference variables with different types you perform what is called a cast assignment. True False.
Which of the following classes can be instantiated and used to describe specific types? CL_ABAP_ELEMDESCR CL_ABAP_INTFDESCR CL_ABAP_STRUCTDESCR CL_ABAP_RTTI.
The description of classes for objects types provide navigation methods for determining the details of a used type. True False.
Class CL_ABAP_CLASSDESCR contains public attributes that are typed as internal tables. True False.
To generate objects at runtime, the static type of the reference variable must be compatible with the class. True False.
The __ statement creates a data object dynamically at runtime. CREATE OBJECT CREATE DATA ASSIGN GET REFERENCE OF.
With the HANDLE addition, the CREATE DATA statement creates a data object whose data type is described by an RTTI type object. True False.
Which of the following checkpoints is used in ABAP code to instruct the ABAP runtime to interrupt program execution at a specific place and start the Debugger? Assertion Breakpoint Logpoint.
The __ statement must always be used with the ID addition BREAK-POINT LOG-POINT ASSERT.
When using the ABAP Trace to analyze the runtime of an application, the measurement results also depend on the current system and network load, as well as the active table buffer and dataset True False.
The SQL trace does not contain any database-specific functions. True False.
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