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How old is Jane? She´s 15 years old. She´s 14 years old. She´s 13 years old.
When does she go to school? In the afterrnon. In the morning. In the evening.
Does Jane have everything she wants? Yes, she doesn´t. No, she does. No, she doesn´t.
Does Jane eat ice cream every day? Yes, she does. No, she doesn´t. Yes, she does not.
What does Jane do in the afternoon? She studies English. She helps her mother. She watches TV.
How many brothers does Jane have? one three two.
Is Jane a dedicated teenager? No, she isn´t. Yes, she is. No, she is.
Where does jane study English? At a university. At a school. At home.
Do Jane's brothers like to study? yes, they do. No, they don't No, they do.
Tick the INCORRECT sentence. (Assinale a opção INCORRETA) Jane doesn´t to be a doctor. Jane's family like to work with food. Jane loves ice cream and barbecue.
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